ARToolKit is a Cool “Augmented Reality” Toy!!!

This is a really cool little toy (the research project is located at that superimposes a movable 3D object (a cube, a toroid, a sphere, etc.) onto a live video stream (like from a firewire-connected camcorder) in the place of a special template or pattern. On the video, the software superimposes the object wherever you have the special pattern (a black square with some writing in it). I’ve created a disk image (Mac OS X 10.3-10.4 compatible) with the test programs already compiled and ready to run. Read On →

How to Create a Stop-Motion Animation Short Movie on Your Mac Using Your Digital Camera and iLife

We’ve added a tutorial on how to create your own stop-motion animation short movie using an inexpensive digital camera and the iLife software suite on a Mac. Click anywhere on this paragraph to view the tutorial!

How to Create a Podcast for Your Church

Click on this paragraph to view the tutorial page on how I set up a podcast for my church, and also to show you how you can create a podcast for your own church’s audio content. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

How to Make Professional-Looking, Yet Inexpensive, Web Graphics

As a web developer, it is important to me to have professional-looking web graphics on the sites I maintain. I’ve added a tutorial page that talks about creating graphics for websites using a relatively inexpensive digital camera and the freely available Gimp program. Click on this paragraph to go to the tutorial. Enjoy!

Hello world!

This is a new look for the iHerr website. The tools have been put in place that will allow blogging. This will be used for adding tutorials and announcements. If you want to go to Laura’s pages, they’re HERE.